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Calculation server

※Due to server aging, the calculation server service was ended by the end of February, 2020.

The S&T ITC provides two remote access servers for heavy load applications and calculations. Please login to the server with ITC account (e.g., ua******, aa******) using SSH (Secure SHell).


The following specifications are common to all servers.


  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 (16Core 2.3GHz) x 2
  • Memory: 768 GB


  • OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Compiler: Intel C++/Fortran Compiler (installed in "/opt/intel")


ITC account (e.g., ua******, aa******) is required to use. You can obtain the account at S&T ITC.

How to use

Please login to the following servers with SSH.

  • ks1.educ.cc.keio.ac.jp
  • ks2.educ.cc.keio.ac.jp

Non secure protocols such as Telnet or FTP are NOT able to use. Plese use SSH to remote login to the server, and SFTP for file transmission.

Operating policy

The following policies are subject to variation at any time when it is required. Please check our latest news at regular intervals.

Home directory

The calculation server mounts home directories of S&T ITC Linux environment through network.

Writing large files such as calculation results to the home directory might cause a heavy network load and bother other users. In such the case, please use the following temporary areas.

Temporary directory

There are two kinds of temporary directories on the server. Please use these areas according to your purpose.


  • Create a directory named with your "user ID" using the following command, and you can create temporary files or directories in it.
    $ mkdir /work/user_name
  • The total size of your temporary data is limited in 100 GB. However, if it is less than two weeks, you are able to create files up to 200 GB. Since the objective of this measure is to perform a large-scale calculation, please remove all of the unnecessary files after your calculation has been finished.

  • You can confirm the current usage of /work with the following command. In the displayed result, the column named "blocks" in a line which starts with /dev/sdb1 indicates the consumption of /work in KB.

    $ quota -v
  • The files or directories which have not been updated for 30 days will be deleted automatically.

  • Files or directories which are directly located in /work will be deleted except for directories named with a user ID.


  • You can create temporary files or directories.

  • The files or directories which have not been updated for 7 days will be deleted automatically.

  • When the server is rebooted, all of the files will be deleted. Also, the S&T ITC may reboot the server for maintenance operations without notice at any time.

Last-Modified: March 2, 2020

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