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How to attach files to e-mail by using the Mew

In Mew, a image file and a binary file can be attached to e-mail as an independent part. This is called a multi-part messeage. Here, the creation and transmitting method of a multi-part messeage using Mew is explained.


  1. When you write an email in Mew, please move the cursor to the end of the text and enter C-c C-a .
  2. please move the cursor to `.'(period) , enter c, and enter the path of the file that you want to attach.
  3. Please check the content type is correct data format. In the case of a file that you created in Microsoft Office, please enter T, and change the content type into "Application/Octet-Stream".
  4. Finally, enter C-c C-c and send your mail.

How to create multi-part messeage

It explains in more detail the steps to create a multi-part message shown above.

  1. After you enter the text in Draft mode, enter C-c C-a at the end of the text. Then, 5 lines are added to the end of the text as shown in the figure below.

  2. Next, in order to attach a file, move the corsor to `.' in the line of part of the bottom, and enter c. Then, "Copy from:~/" shows up on the mini-buffer, and enter path the file you want to attach. Here, it shows an example attach the sample.png.

    After you enter the path, "Copy to (sample.png): " shows up on the mini-buffer. If you want to attach in a different file, enter the new file name here. Then, sample.png is attached newly as showen in the figure below.

  3. Next, please check the content type of the file you attached is correct. In this example, since the image data of PNG format was attached, it is displayed as Image/Png.

    When a content type is not recognized correctly, or you attach the file created with Microsoft Office application, please change the content type referring to the following.
    Handling of other binary data

  4. Please enter C-c C-mC-c C-c and send the mail as always.

Handling of other binary data

If you want to attach binary files such as created with Microsoft Office applications, it must be sent by "Application/Octet-Stream format"

How to attach sample.doc created with Microsoft application is described below. In the same procedure as described above, sample.doc is attached according to the picture below.

However, sample.doc is handled as Text/Plain as long as it's recognized as a binary file explicitly. Please move the corsor to the part of binaly file, and enter T.
"Type for sample.doc (Text/Plain): " shows up on the mini-buffer, then enter Application/Octet-Stream.

If you put Enter here, B is added to the beginning of the line . It means that content type of sample.doc is changed to Application/Octet-Stream and encoded in Base64 as shown in the picture below.

Finally, please send the mail as always.

Last-Modified: July 25, 2014

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