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Example setting of Oulook2013 IMAP4


Contents of this manual are "Operation Confirmation" under the following environment.
Software :Outlook2013(ver.15.0) OS: Windows8.1(64bit)
Please perform the following procedure.

When setting up, Keio Apps ID and Password for mail software are required. Please check your Keio Apps ID and password for mail software in advance. The checking method is the following.

Procedure 1: setting under the Gmail

  1. Log into the Gmail, and then click gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click "Setting".
  3. Click "email forwarding and POP/IMAP".
  4. Turn on enable IMAP in IMAP access, then click "Save Changes".

Procedure 2: setting under Outlook2013

  1. Start Outlook 2013.
  2. Click the "File" tab.
  3. Click "Add Account" from Account Information
  4. Select, "Do settings yourself to use email or other services (Manual Settings)", then click "Next".
  5. Select "POP or IMAP(P)" then click "Next".
  6. Please correctly enter the necessary items on the "POP and IMAP Account Setting" screen.
    Enter the following information as reference information.
    [User Information]
    Your name the name displayed as the sender of email you send to others. Optional
    Email address Enter Keio ID.
    Example: keio-taro@keio.jp
    Precaution: enter including state after @mark.
    The Keio ID acquired before March, 2015 (like the following) is also usable.
    Example: keio-taro@xx.keio.jp
    [Server Information]
    Type of account select IMAP.
    Receiving email server imap.gmail.com
    Sending email server smtp.gmail.com
    [Mail Server Login Information]
    Account name Enter Keio Apps ID
    Example) keio-taro@keio.jp
    Precaution: Always be sure to enter in state also including after "@mark".
    Password Enter the password for your email software.
    Go here to check your Keio Apps ID.
    Go here to check your email software password.
    After completing entry, click "Detailed Setting ".
  7. The "General" tab is open on the "Internet Email Settings" screen,
    but click the "Sending Server" tab, and enter a check to "Sending server (SMTP) requires verification".
    Next, click "Detailed Setting" tab.
  8. Please make settings as shown below on the "Detailed Setting" screen.
    [Port No. of server]
    Receiving server (IMAP) 993
    Type of encryption connection used SSL
    Sending server (SMTP) 465
    Type of encryption connection used SSL
    After completing setting, click "OK".
  9. You will return to the following screen so click "Next".
  10. Account settings are tested, and if there are no problems, the following screen appears.
    Click "Close".
  11. This completes setting. Click "Completion".

This completes the procedures for "Example setting of Oulook2013 IMAP4".
To continue the migration procedure, please advance to migration process site map.

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2015/04/07: Newly prepared

Last-Modified: December 10, 2015

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