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FAQ Concerning the next Keio email

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A. FAQ Concerning the email address

  1. Can I use the current email address?
  2. Can I use the current email address for the mailing list?
  3. It seems that with the new system, I can use the new email address in the "@keio.jp" domain, but what kind of address will it be?
  4. From when will I be able to use the new email address in the "@keio.jp" domain?

B. The new system

  1. What is the "Google Apps for Education" that will be introduced as the new system?
  2. What is the individual capacity that can be used with the new system?
  3. Will advertisements be displayed? And will email and other data be used for the purpose of marketing etc.?
  4. If Keio University ever breaks off its contract with Google Apps, to whom will ownership of the data in the server revert?
  5. Will I be able to use other Google Apps besides email (calendar, chat, etc.)?
  6. Will Google Apps Vault be introduced?
  7. Are sites scheduled to be brought in?

C. System and data migration

  1. Can email data be transferred?
  2. What kinds of data or settings do not automatically migrate?
  3. Will there be a period of time during migration to the new system when mail will be unusable?
  4. Will a one year transmission service for anybody who will leave from Keio University which is a service provided by the present system, continue?
  5. Do I have to do migration procedure? If it is necessary, what migration procedures are necessary?
  6. I mainly use email addresses that are not Keio mail. I send email to Keio mail from other email addresses and occasionally view email using the web screen of Keio mail. In this case, is it necessary for me to do the migration procedure?
  7. I have not looked at the Keio mail web screen for several years. I do not expect to see it in the future either. I don’t have to do the migration procedure, do I?
  8. I do not use Keio mail and transfer email received by a Keio mail address to another email address. Do I not have to perform the migration procedure?
  9. Occasionally I read email with Keio mail, but I do not particularly need email data. Do I not have to do migration procedure because I do not need email data?

D. Migration of the mailing list

E. Login, ID password

  1. Can I use the service by logging in from the Gmail login screen?
  2. What should I input to the Login Account (user name, password)?

F. Keio Apps ID

G. Usage environment and functions

  1. When I obtain an individual email address and use Gmail, can I integrate it with my Keio mail account?
  2. Can I continue to use the service after leaving Keio by graduation, completion, or resignation?
  3. Until now I have used email software on my PC, but can I continue to use it as I have in the past?
  4. Until now I have used the service with a cell phone (smart phone, feature phone) but can I continue to use it as I have in the past?
  5. Where will my email data be stored?
  6. Will it affect the employee email system (@adst.keio.ac.jp)?
  7. Can I use it outside Japan?
  8. You have lost a terminal using Google Apps (PC, cell phone, smart phone, etc.). What should you do?

H. Using Google Apps ( Gmail, Groups, Drive, Caledar .. etc )

I. About errors and failures

  1. Can I confirm whether or not an error or trouble has occurred in Gmail or Google's services?

J. Inquiries

  1. If I have a question, where should I submit an inquiry?

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