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FAQ for Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ concerning email (Gmail)

  1. For email to arrive with the old system (DEEPMail), it will not arrive with the new system (Gmail)
  2. When I have logged in to Keio mail (Gmail), normal Gmail service opens.
  3. I have forwarded emails received by Keio mail to an email address of a cell phone, but recently I do not receive these emails on the cell phone.
  4. When I have logged in to Keio mail (Gmail), "Contains a redirect loop on this web site." was displayed.
  5. I have received a notice from someone that e-mail was sent to a Keio e-mail address, but I has not arrived in my Keio mailbox.

FAQ Concerning Groups (mailing list)

  1. Of the registered members of the mailing list, Keio mail addresses (example: keiotaro@a2.keio.jp) is changed to an @keio.jp address by a "Group". Why do you suppose this happens?
  2. Of registered members of "Group", there is a member who appears with "Posting: not authorized" on the members table screen. Is that because this member cannot post email?
  3. I am acting as Group administrator. When e-mail has been submitted to the Group, e-mail that has been held is received. Is e-mail transmitted?
  4. Can an email address outside Keio University be registered as a member?
  5. I sent an email addressed to the mailing list, but this email did not reach me.
  6. Are there any restrictions on cases where a message is sent to a multiple recipients using the Groups?
  7. "No Footer" was set in the message, but a footer is attached.
  8. Is there a limit on the number of members who can be registered in a Group?

FAQ concerning Calendar

  1. Is it possible to use Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) to refer to or to edit Calendar that is used with normal Google?

FAQ Concerning Drive

Now being prepared

FAQ Concerning contacts

Now being prepared

FAQ Concerning normal Google services

  1. When I logged into normal Google, "Account Renewal is Necessary." was displayed.
  2. Google Chrome is used as the Web browser. Can I use Google Chrome to use normal Google services and also to use Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) under Keio mail? Is it necessary to use a different browser to use each service?
  3. Until now, I have sent emails from normal Gmail service with the Keio mail address as the sender, but cannot do that now.
  4. Can I set it so I can receive emails of Keio mail with the normal Gmail service and send emails with the Keio mail address as the sender?

Last-Modified: May 18, 2021

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