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Introduction to Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) and changes to its services

All services

What is Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education)?

  1. It is a set of services that Google provides for educational institutions and that lets users comprehensively use functions such as Email, Calendar, Chat, and Online Storage.
    It differs from services that Google provides for general users, but the layout of the screen and the way the functions are used are the same.
    Please see the page, Education Services, for details of the services.

Principal merits

  1. In addition to the email function, it has a collaboration function that integrates Calendar (scheduler), Drive (online storage) etc.
    1. You can share large volume files with other people online. You can also read or edit files in various formats on your browser.
      You can share and export or import schedules.
  2. Individual capacities are unlimited* as of November 2014.
    Capacity that can be used for all services of Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education), including email service.
  3. You can also use machine translation compatible with the languages of more than fifty countries.

Reliability and Security

  1. Google operates the world’s top class security measures. For details, please see Security and Privacy.
  2. With Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education), all data belongs to Keio University or to individual users. Google will not check its contents or use it for advertising purposes.
  3. When you cancel your account, all your data will erased from Google servers.


For people who use Keio mail forwarding services after graduation, completion, or resignation.

  1. You can continue to use Keio mail forwarding services after migration to the new system.
    1. The service usage period is one year after deregistration from Keio University by graduation, completion, or resignation (unchanged from the past).
    2. Even for people who deregister from the University after starting to use the new system (November 11, 2014), the service usage period will be one year after deregistration.
    3. You will only be able to use it to forward email. You will not be able to use Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education).
    4. You will no longer be able to forward email by setting forward under designated conditions (with the present system, you can forward by setting conditions such as specified time period, but with the new system, you will not be able to set conditions, so you will only forward uniformly to a single email address.)
    5. Refer to The method of the migration for "mail forwarding" .

For people who will use the services with Feature Phone (Gala-kei)

  1. Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education) unfortunately does not support compatibility with Feature Phone (Gala-kei), but part of its email functions will be usable in the future.
    Details will be announced as they are decided.

About use of services overseas

  1. It is reported that Google services cannot be used in China and other countries or regions.
    Reference:State of known lack of access to Google services
    We are now studying ways to deal with this problem. These will be announced as they are decided.

Email Service (Gmail)

With the new system, Gmail, that is one of the functions of Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education), will be used as the email system.

User’s manual

  1. Refer to the Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) User Manual.

Changes from the present system

  1. Email sent addressed to your own email address will be entered in “Sent mail” instead of reaching you.
    The same will apply to email sent to a mailing list in which you participate.
  2. Labels will be used to sort email (folders are used by the current system).
    Look here for information about Labels.
  3. Email in “Trash” will be erased after 30 days (with the current system, “Trash” is not removed until the user empties it.)
  4. The following functions usable with the current system will not be available when using a Web browser.
    These may be achievable when using Google Chrome as your browser or when using an extension of Google.
    1. Setting the service to attach Bcc to all outgoing mail
    2. Scheduled sending
    3. Exporting/importing email
    4. Setting to include or not include the original message when forwarding or returning email

Other details to be announced later

Non-mail Services

・The following services can be used.

Service Outline Functions with current system Reference URL
Groups Creating mailing lists and discussion groups Mailing list Google Groups Help Center
Drive Preparing and sharing documents etc. on line Web file Google Drive Help Center
Calendar Organizing and sharing schedules Schedule Google Calendar Help Center
Contacts Managing email address and other personal information Address book Contact the Gmail Help Center

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