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To people who have not yet migrated: New Keio mail instructions

To people who have not yet migrated: New Keio mail instructions

The old system (DEEPMail) ended service at the end of March 2, 2015.
Please start using the new system, "Google Apps for Education".

About email

As your email, please start using "Gmail" in "Google Apps for Education".
The migration period from the old system ended on March 2, 2015, but you can use Gmail even if you have not performed the migration procedure.
See the pages below for the method of using Gmail.

People who are now using Keio mail forwarding service after having graduated, completed, or resigned

Please log into Gmail and set mail forwarding.
Look here for details.

About mailing list

Mailing list migrated to "Group", that is one service of Google Apps for Education.

For details, see "About migration of the mailing list".
Method of using "Group": Google Group Users Manual

About using a Feature Phone (Garake)

You can use part of email functions. For details of new services, see "Using on mobile".

About other services

For services you used with the old system, please use the following services from now on.

Old system New system Users manual
Address book Contacts Google Contacts Users Manual
Schedule Calendar Google Calendar Users Manual
Web files Drive Google Drive Users Manual

Reference: Using on smartphone apps

Last-Modified: March 3, 2015

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