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Points of change of keio.jp:November 11, 2014

The following changes will be made by keio.jp on November 11, 2014.

1. The keio.jp login screen will partially change.

2. keio.jp log off operation changes

Please refer to keio.jp Log Off operation to log off from keio.jp after November 11, 2014.

3. The Keio Mail system will migrate to Gmail.

For details see the notice, "Next version of Keio mail (G Suite for Education(formerly Google Apps for Education))"

You will be unable to use the current system (DEEPMail) after March 3, 2015.
To use the new system, perform migration procedure from the current system by March 2, 2015.
For the migration procedure, please refer to "migration procedure".

The method of starting the current system (DEEPMail) will be partly changed.
For details, refer to "Log in to Keio mail: Web email" (Japanese article).

To log in to the new system (Gmail), please refer to the following page.
Login and Logout operation

If "An update to your account is required" screen is displayed, please refer to the following page.
(now available only in Japanese version)

Notice: About first startup of the new system (Gmail)
When the new system (Gmail) starts for the first time, a screen such as the following will be displayed.
Read the contents on the following screen and to use Gmail, click on "I Agree. I will continue to migrate to Account".

You may skip the following screen.

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