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File Sharing Software - BitTorrent, BitComet, Xunlei, Perfect Dark and Other

Exercise caution when downloading or uploading music, video, e-books and other files!!

Using file sharing software to upload copyright music, video or e-books to a server (and thus making them available for distribution via the internet) is a serious violation of the law. Furthermore, downloading what you know to have been illegally made available on the internet is illegal, and subject to legal penalties.
Related rights (or neighboring rights) and publishing rights are means of damage control against pirated versions of files illegally uploaded to the internet, and mean that a perpetrator can be subject to a demand for damages.

What happens when I use file sharing software to download a file?

Many file sharing software come with features which automatically give others the ability to download files that you have downloaded or which automatically launch the file sharing software when you start up your computer. Therefore, you could be illegally uploading files even if that is not your intent.

Use for research and educational purposes

Keio University accepts applications to use file sharing software (e.g., BitTorrent, BitComet, Xunlei, Perfect Dark) only for educational and research purposes. Please note that it is prohibited to use file sharing software without applying in advance..
Please refer to the following page for more details relating to relevant software and application

Use of file sharing software

Reference websites

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