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The Inbox and displaying emails

  1. Once you have logged in, the Inbox screen will be displayed, as in Fig. 1. This is the list of emails you have received.
    New emails are shown in bold. The Inbox can be shown at any time by just clicking "Inbox" on the left of the screen.

    Fig. 1 Inbox

  2. Clicking the email you want to read will display the email main body, like in Fig. 2.
    This email is an example of one that has an attachment.

    Fig. 2 Email main body display

    Sometimes there will be numbers in parentheses beside the "Inbox" to the left of the screen.
    In Fig. 1, it shows "Inbox 2", which means there are two emails there that you have not yet read.
    The Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) Gmail Inbox screen is updated periodically, but if you want to check for updates immediately, reload your browser.

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