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Accounts for Class Support

This section describes the accounts required to use the "Class Support".

Getting a Keio ID

To use the "Class Support", you must have a Keio ID. If you have not obtained a Keio ID, please activate it from one of the following pages.

Apply For a Local User Account

For individuals that are not qualified to have a Keio ID, as an exception, it is possible for them to use a local user account to access the "Class Support".

In this case, the faculty member in charge of the class must apply for a local user account. For the details, please contact us.

If the application is approved and a local user account is issued, you can log into the system and use its features by accessing the "Class Support" Local User Login page.

Logging Into the "Class Support"

Logging in with a Keio ID:

After you log into keio.jp, click [Education Support System] in the application list, then click [Class Support].

You can also view an explanation containing screenshots on the Login page.

Logging in via the Local User Login page (for those without a Keio ID):

"Class Support" - Local User Login page -


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