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FAQ (Class Support, For Students)

Below are answers to questions frequently asked by students.
Please browse this page for the answers to your questions about the operations described here.

  1. Using the "Class Support" and Applying for a Local Account Q&A
  2. Notices Q&A
  3. Study Materials Q&A
  4. Reports Q&A
  5. Class Message Board Q&A
  6. Class Assistant Actions Q&A
  7. Other Q&A

A. Using the "Class Support" and Applying for a Local Account Q&A

  1. Iam a correspondence student. Can I use the "Class Support"?
  2. Iam a student from another university. Can I use the "Class Support"?
  3. Can I use the "Class Support" for a class that is not one of my registered courses?

B. Notices Q&A

  1. How do I view notices that I have already checked?
  2. Why can't I see some of the notices that I could view before?

C. Study Materials Q&A

  1. The name of the file I downloaded is different from the one my teacher specified. Can you tell me why?
  2. There are two files displayed in the [Uploaded Files] column, but I can only download one of them.

D. Reports Q&A

a. Submitting

  1. Iam sure that I submitted my report, but the window indicates that it still hasn't been submitted.
  2. I opened a file on my Web browser to confirm the report I submitted, but the message, "Folder name is not correct" was displayed and the file did not open.

E. Class Message Board Q&A

Not available at this time.

F. Class Assistant Actions Q&A

  1. Ican't specify some of the features for the class to which I am assigned as a class assistant.

I. Other Q&A

  1. Classes for which you have requested and confirmed registration are not displayed in the class schedule.

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