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About S&T ITC

Office location

14-buildings, fist basement floor, west wing
(Room Number: 14-B104)


Various application, lending and consultation reception time at S&T office is described below.

  • Please note that the some consultations may take time to correspond even within the time.
  • On saturday during the semester, reception for office work closes, but technical staffs are in the office.
Service Weekday Saturday Sunday, Public holiday
account application 9:00-11:30
Closed Closed
application of software license purchase
installation media lending
Other, Paperwork associated with submission of documents
Equipment lending conform to the open time of workstation room
application for password initialization
receipt of the Lost and Found
Equipment trouble in workstation rooms
Qustion and Consultation about WS operation

the list of inquiries and inquiry method

Outside Call
Email Address
Equipment trouble in workstation rooms
If you use 14-B101, 14-B102, 14-B103 or 14-B107, please come to the S&T office directly.
If you use 11-11, 12-107, 12-203 or 12-204, please call the extension number with an extension phone which is installed in a room.

Last-Modified: March 18, 2015

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