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How to remote login using Xming

Xming is a free X Window Server for Microsoft Windows (XP/2003/Vista/7).

It is not possible to emulate Unix environment as Cygwin, but you can display a window that the login destination server opens.

In the following, we introduce a procedure for remote login to the Linux environment using Xming.

If you want to know a method to install Xming, refer to "How to install Xming" (Japanese article).


  1. To launch Xming, select "All Programs" -> "Xming" -> "XLaunch" from the Windows Start menu.

  2. The wizard you can set up Xming will be displayed. In this wizard, you can select a type of Xming form. (In the following, it is assumed that you select "multiple windows" which is the default setting. )

  3. Select "Start a program" and go to the next.

  4. Make sure that "Using PuTTY" is checked, and then enter the host(login20.user.keio.ac.jp~login29.user.keio.ac.jp) name and user name for the login destination server.

    The following figure is the example of the connection to login25.user.keio.ac.jp as "ua735691".

  5. Select the "次へ".

  6. Select the "Save configuration" and click on the "完了" to exit the wizard.

  7. When the wizard closes, the following warning will appear. Then, select "はい(Y)".
    After that, enter your password and click on the "OK".

  8. If the window as shown in the following figure is displayed, the setup is complete.

Last-Modified: July 8, 2016

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