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How to use K-LMS (Classroom Support) for faculty

Classes that used the course support prior to FY2022 will be able to view the portfolio, resource room, and problem sets.
Reference only, no updates.
How to Login | Portfolio | Reference Materials | Question set

How to Login

  1. After logging into K-LMS(CanvasLMS), (1)click "Tools" on the left menu, and then (2) click "Class Support.

  2. "Classroom support" will be displayed.

Reference Materials

You can review and download materials registered before FY2022.

Question set

Question sets will appear in the menu only if the data exists.

Question sets created before 2022 can be viewed and exported.


Download reports, surveys, educational materials, and test administration results from FY2022 and prior through FY17.

Last-Modified: May 16, 2023

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