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Calling email from draft

You can save an email while still writing it if you think you will want to edit it or send it later.
Gmail automatically saves email to "Drafts" while it is being prepared. Therefore if you close the window by mistake, the email you were working on may still be left in the "Drafts" section.

The saved email can be shown at any time by just clicking "Drafts" on the left of the screen. Clicking "Drafts" will display the list of draft emails as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 List of draft

 Clicking the email you wish to reopen for editing from the list of drafts will display the Compose Mail screen for that email. Click "Send" at the bottom left of the editing screen to send the email once you have edited it. Once it has been sent, it will be removed from "Drafts".

Fig. 2 Email preparation screen"

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