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Using Google Drive for Desktop

Downloading Google Drive for Desktop

To use client applications of Google Drive, click "Download Drive for Desktop" from settings (gear icon).
The following sample procedure uses Internet Explorer 11.

Fig 1. Download Google Drive for Desktop (1)

Click "Download Drive for Desktop".

Fig 2. Download Google Drive for Desktop (2)

Installing Google Drive for Desktop

Execute the downloaded file (googledrivesync.exe).

Fig 4. Install (1)

The security warning appears, so click "Execute". Next, Confirm User Account Control is displayed, so click "Yes."

Fig 5. Install (2)

"Install Completed" is displayed, Click "Close".

Fig 6. Install (3)

Initial setting of Google Drive for Desktop

"Welcome to Google Drive" is displayed. Click "Start".

Fig 7. Initial settings (1)

"Google Login" is displayed. Enter email (Keio ID (e.g., xx@keio.jp)) and click "Login". (Password unnecessary)

Fig 8. Initial settings (2)

"keio.jp confirmation" is displayed. Again enter "ID" (Keio ID (e.g., xx@keio.jp)), enter Password, and click "Login"

Fig 9. Initial settings (3)

"Welcome to Google Drive" (Steps 1-4) is displayed. Click "Next", and finally, click "Complete".

Fig 10. Initial settings (4)

When setting is completed, the file saved in Google Document is automatically downloaded into Google Drive on your PC and your PC and the on-line files are synchronized.

The default Google Drive folder is prepared as:
・C:\Users\User Name\Google Drive

A locally prepared Google Drive folder opens. You can confirm the file saved in Google Documents.

Fig 11. Google Drive (4)

When a specified folder has been selected for synchronization with a folder in the Desk-top version Google Drive, a revision done on-line is reflected in the Desk-top version, and a revision made on the Desk-top version is reflected on-line.

How to confirm your account in the Windows version of Google Drive for Desktop

To confirm the connected account of the Windows version Google drive (Google Drive locally installed), you can confirm by clicking the Google Drive icon in the task tray.

Fig. 12. Confirming your account in the Windows version of Google Drive

Return to Google Drive Users Manual for explanations about other features.

Last-Modified: June 28, 2024

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