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Uploading files

Click the [New] icon on the top page of the documents of Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) then click [File upload] or [Folder upload].

If you selected "File upload", the "Open File" pop-up is displayed, so select the file to be uploaded to start upload.

When it becomes [Upload has been completed] it is completed.

In initial settings, you can upload in the original document format, but you can click the icon to modify the upload format from [Setting].

The following are the upload formats.

  1. Convert uploaded files to Google editor format

    1. If you select this option, the file to be uploaded is converted to Google Document format. When converted to Google Document format, it is not counted in storage capacity.

  1. Example)
    If you wish to save and share a Microsoft Word format file as it is without converting it to Google Document format, remove the check box of "Convert to Google Document Format" when uploading.
  2. Good example of people who "Do" Google Document Format Conversion:
    1. Desire to edit the Text on-line
    2. Desire to simply manage revision history of Text or Spreadsheet
    3. Desire to jointly edit with the team
  3. Good example of people who "Do not do" Google Document format Conversion:
    1. Word text with detailed layout setting
    2. Excel sheet containing figures and tables
    3. Excel sheet with a registered VBA macro

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Last-Modified: October 12, 2021

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