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Importance markers

Gmail displays email types with colored arrows. The yellow mark "" means "important emails". This mark is not applied to emails that are not classified as important in Gmail.
Clicking "Important" to the left of the screen will allow you to display only emails with this importance marker .
If a specific type of email is not sorted correctly, selecting and correcting it using "Mark as important" or "Do not mark as important" will allow Gmail to learn which emails are important. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1 Importance markers

You can set whether or not to display this importance marker. From " (Settings)" then "See all settings", click the "Inbox" tab. This will change to the screen in Fig. 2 Setting importance markers, so select whether or not display the importance marker in the "Importance Marker:" section, and click the "Save changes".

Fig. 2 Setting importance markers

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