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Adding a member (direct addition)


First, perform "Procedure 1: Allow posts by non-Keio IDs" . If this is already done, skip to "Procedure 2: Directly adding a member".

Procedure 1: Allow posts by non-Keio IDs

  1. Select "Groups" from the Google applications.

  2. Click "My groups".

  3. Click on the gear icon (Group settings) of the group that you want to make the settings for.

  4. Turn on "Allow members outside your organization" in "General".

  5. Choose "Display name profile only" in "Member privacy".

  6. Click "Save changes".

Procedure 2: Directly adding a member

  1. Click the "Add members" icon of the group to which you add a user.

  2. In the "Group members" field, enter the email address of the member to be added.
    When adding a non-@keio.jp address, the "Welcome message" field must be filled.

    After completing entry, click "Add members".

  3. A CAPTCHA screen appears. Enter the displayed letters and click "Continue".
    (It is not displayed for Keio ID (@keio.jp) addresses.)

    The member has been added.

    Note: To non-@keio.jp addresses, a notification email about the member addition is sent.

Last-Modified: June 28, 2024

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