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Special Students (Research Students, Non-Degree Students, Auditing Students)

UserID Naming Policies

The ITC account consists of 8 characters.
The first character is “u”, The second character is a lowercase letter. The 6 numbers that follow are provided by the ITC system.

How to Apply for an ITC Account

Application for an account is not accepted yet due to the shutdown of campus facilities accompanying spread of COVID-19 infections.
If you have special needs, contact the ITC office on your campus first by e-mail.

Main Services Provided by ITC

Service Content

Service Content
PC Use of KIC PCs on Campus
Storage Capacity My Document Storage of 3GB
Printing Use of the Integrated Printing System (Including IPP Printing) *Print charge will accrue
Network with Authentication Access to Wireless/Wired LAN
Personal Webpage Posting of Personal Webpage
Unix Login Use of the Unix Environment (to be separately applied for)

*Users must be authenticated with the Keio ID for network access (wireless and wired LAN).

Terms and Charges of Account Use

Category Term (Academic Year 2011) Charges
Full Year April 1 to Following year March 31 5,000 yen
First Semester April 1 to Sept 30 2,500 yen
Second Semester Sept 1 to Following year March 31 2,500 yen

*Duration into the first semester (for full year and second semester registrants): April 1 to April 30
Duration into the second semester (for first semester registrants): October 1 to October 31

Last-Modified: July 31, 2020

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