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Class Support New Layout and Features


The new layout is released on March 7, 2018.
The basic functionality has not been changed. The screen layout has been improved.

Advantages of the new layout

  • More intuitive layout. The new layout supports smartphones and tablets.
  • The new layout is equipped with better sorting capability of lists and filtering functionality.
  • Date settings can be done in calendar format, making it easier to see.


The Class Support Layout will be renewed on March 19, 2019. Registered data can be displayed in either the old or new layout. The same information is displayed in both layouts.
"Old Layout" is available until March 18, 2019.


General services

Menu display

Functions shown under the tabs on the top screen are now listed in the menu displayed on the left side of the screen.

If the screen width is narrowed down, the menu moves to the top of the screen. Thanks to this implementation, usability for smartphone and tablet users has been improved.

Functions were registered after displaying class information in the old layout. The new layout allows users to directly access each function from the top page. Selecting a function from the operation menu will display the registration screen.

List Sorting and Filter Settings

The new layout can store the specified sort order. The new layout also makes it possible to make filter settings by entering a given character in each item.

[Clear Filters for the Table]
Clear all filter/sort settings.
[Set Display Column]
Sets whether or not to display the term, day of the week/hour, grader and number of students. Enabling auto selection will automatically hide items in order from the lowest priority when the screen width is narrowed down.

Date settings

The new layout allows users to set dates in calendar format for items whose dates have been set using the drop-down list.


  • Note that users with specially issued accounts will have to switch the login screen from the old one to new one before logging in. For information on the new and old login methods, see this page.
  • Simultaneously logging in to the new and old layouts and performing operations on both layouts may cause data inconsistency. Be sure to perform registration only in one of the layouts.

Logging in to the New and Old Layouts

For both teachers and students, functions previously shown under the tabs on the top screen are listed in the menu appears on the left side in the new layout.

Both old and new layouts can be used for the time being.

If logging in to the Class Support via "keio.jp", the screen transitions to the old layout until March 18, 2019. On March 19, 2019, the screen transitions to the new layout.
A message appears at the upper part of the screen in both layouts after logging in. Clicking the link in the message will switch the screen.

A user with specially issued account will have to switch the screen before logging in to the Class Support system. Use the link shown at the bottom of the login screen to switch between the new and old layouts. It is not possible to switch the layout after logging in.

For information about each function, see the operating manual for the Class Support system.

How to turn off the notification message about the renewal of the class support system

To hide the notification message about the renewal of the class support system, click “X” at the top right of the message.

A confirmation message appears. Click “Yes.”

This will turn off the message. If you want to show it again, click How To Clear the Browser's Cache and Other Records.

Inquiries or more information

For inquiries or more information about the new layout, contact the following email address.

Email address: edu@keio.jp

Last-Modified: January 21, 2019

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