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Student Applications

This section describes the "Class Support" features that are available to students.

Basic Features

Advanced Features

Home Page

Generally, when you log into the "Class Support", one of the following pages will appear first.
When window size shrinks, the menu on the left is displayed on the top.

Information that you have not yet verified is displayed as "New". Likewise, if you have not submitted your report, this will appear as "Report required to be submitted".
Once you verify the information (or submitted report), it will no longer appear as "New". To view the details of past items, click the name of the corresponding class in the timetable.

There are times that information you have already verified (or reports that you have submitted) will appear as "New" (or "Report required to be submitted"). This is because faculty members have changed the information (or content of the report).

When you click a class name, a page similar to the one below will appear. If there is any registered information that has been made available, or information that you have already verified, you can view this information in the corresponding columns.

Last-Modified: May 16, 2023

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