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Notes on using Keio Mail

Keio Mail can be used on any PC environment that has a Web browser installed, regardless of the type of hardware or operating system. However, please keep the following considerations about the system in mind.

System Restrictions

  • You can send and receive email messages of up to 25 MB in size (as of March 2015). Avoid attaching large file(s) --up to several MB -- so as not to burden the recipient's communication environment.
  • In principle, the email address you have obtained cannot be changed. When activating (initially registering) your account, be sure to choose an appropriate account name.
  • You must not conduct any profit-making or illegal activities using the network resources of Keio University.

When using keio.jp on your PC

  • This system uses JavaScript. Make sure to enable JavaScript. (The procedure for enabling JavaScript depends on the browser that you are using. Please see the user guide for your browser. )
  • This system uses cookies. Please enable cookie. Refer to "Enable or disable cookies" for detail.

    In addition, the way your anti-virus software is configured might prevent you from accessing this site. If you are not able to access Keio Mail, please review the settings of your anti-virus software.

When using keio.jp from a mobile device

  • A separate communication fee is charged when you use the mobile version of Keio Mail. The amount depends on your mobile carrier and your billing plan. Please take this into consideration when using this mobile service.
  • The system uses SSL to ensure communication security. You cannot use this site from mobile devices that do not support SSL.

Last-Modified: February 27, 2015

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