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Android 4.x root recertification procedure

Android 4 (for MeMO Pad 8)

The following setting procedure was prepared for MeMO Pad 8 (Android 4.4.2)
Even with identical models, the contents may vary according to the OS version.
In the case of another model, please do the setting by changing the wording, because the setting contents are the same.

  1. Tap [Setting].

  2. Tap [Wireless and network] - [WiFi].
    If WiFi is [OFF], turn it to [ON].

  3. Tap and hold down keiomobile2, which is in the access point of the WiFi that is displayed.

  4. Tap [Change network] of keiomobile2.

  5. The keiomobile2 setting screen is displayed, so tap the pull down of the CA certificate and tap Security Communication RootCA2.

  6. Tap <Save> to complete setting.

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Last-Modified: December 8, 2015

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