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Attention on virus infection of jailbroken iPhones

Recently computer networks of outside of Keio University are attacked frequently by the worm transmitted from infected iPhones of Apple Inc. that are connected by wireless LAN in Keio University.

This is caused by a variety of worms, or iPhoneOS.Ikee that infects jailbroken* iPhones and iPod Touches. See below for jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking is modification that violates software license of Apple Inc., and not only will users lose the support from Apple Inc., but also their iPhones or iPod Touches may break down in consequence. Additionally, jailbreaking greatly increases the susceptibility of iPhones or iPod Touches to malware such as viruses and worms. Do not jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Further, as well as they may attack networks, the malware-infected iPhones or iPod Touches may cause leakage, falsification, and deletion of various information stored in themselves including personal information, authentication information, positional information, mails, photos, music, and videos, or they may disable themselves from booting.

You should realize the magnitude of the troubles and risks as the outcome of your jailbreaking before attempting.

  • What is jailbreaking?
    It is a process to modify iPhones or iPod Touches to install software other than official applications via the App Store. The tools for jailbreak have been developed and distributed by groups unrelated to Apple Inc. Apple Inc. does not authorize such tools, and voids its warranty on the jailbroken devices.

Last-Modified: July 12, 2011

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