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How to use the workstation room

You can use workstation rooms of S&T KIC in classes and self-study. The account is required regardless of classes or self-study.

  • ITC Account is required to use Windows Workstations. If you want more information, please refer to 「ITC Account」

    ※ account with beginning "ua" or "aa"

  • If you want to use Linux Workstations, you need to get ITC Account and apply for additional functions. All students can apply this from Window workstation. If you want to know how to apply for additional functions, please refer to 「How to apply for addtional Unix login functions」 If you are not a student, please come to the S&T KIC office with your identification papers (e.g driver licence, insurance card issued by Keio University).

    ※ Applying Unix login functions is required every year.

For those who make use of workstation room in classes

If you want to use workstation room, you need to get ITC Account in advance.

※ If you are a teacher who wants to use workstation room in your class, please refer to 「How to make a reservation of workstation room in your class」 (Japanese article)

If additional Unix login functions application is required

If you are corresponding to the follows, you need to get ITC Account and apply additional Unix login functions.

  • People take a class in 14-B101, 14-B102, 12-107
  • People take a class which needs to login servers or workstations of S&T KIC remotely.

※If you do not remember your ID or password, please come to the KIC office with your student card before the class.

Caution when using the workstation room in self-study

As logn as you have ITC Account, you can use all workstation rooms while the room is open.

However, while a workstation room is being used by a class, you can not use this room outside of the class. Please refer to the calendar which is posted in the following locations for class plans in the workstation room.

  • Near the entrance of each workstation room (including only that room)
  • Hallway bulletin board of 12-107 room (all workstation rooms list)
  • Near the entrance of S&T KIC on the fist basement floor building 14 (all workstation rooms list)
  • Digital signage in the open space of S&T KIC on the fist basement floor building 14 (all workstation rooms list)


  • When you use the workstation room, you must take a seat.
  • In principle, you must not use more than one PC at the same time in workstation room.
  • Executing some jobs on the workstation without having a seat is forbidden.
  • Do not eat or drink in the workstation room.
  • When you listen to the music in the workstation room, please use headphones so as not to disturb other students. Please refer to 「how to listen to the music in the workstation room」 for details.

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