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Home screen

Fig. 1 Home screen

  1. Priority:
    Once you add important or frequently accessed files to a workspace in Drive Priority, you can set Priority to be your homepage. That way, you can see these files as soon as you open Google Drive.

  2. My Drive:
    Items that are here in on-line Google Drive are synchronized with other terminals in which Google Drive applications have been installed. Prepared items and all uploaded and synchronized items are included automatically.

  3. Shared driv:
    Shared drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access common files from any device.

  4. Shared with me:
    These are files other users share with you.

  5. Recent:
    Items recently displayed/worked on are displayed in order of date of final update.

  6. Starred:
    These are files, folders, and Google documents with stars attached.

  7. Trash:
    All items deleted from inside Google Drive are displayed in order of final modification time. Items that can be deleted are only items you own.

  8. Storage capacity:
    You can check the capacity of files stored in My Drive (Drive and Gmail).

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