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Sharing a Folder

Sharing a Folder allows you to share all Texts inside the Folder. If, for example, some documents and sub-folders are in a file called “Team Share Folder”, you can apply the same share setting to all the documents and sub-folders inside the Team Share Folder by setting sharing for “Team Share Folder.”

A shared folder is prepared by the procedure "Preparing a new Folder".

Fig. 1 Google Document (My Folder)

Attach a check to the Folder you want to share then click on the icon.

Fig. 2 Sharing a Folder

Enter the e-mail address of the user you wish to share with to "Add User or Group", then select either "Editor" or "Viewer", then click "Send".

Fig. 3 Setting Folder sharing

Instructional mail such as the following is sent to the other sharing member.

Fig. 4 Instructional mail (sharing Folder)

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Last-Modified: September 28, 2022

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