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Adding a member (invitation)

1. Procedure for owners/managers

  1. Invite a member.

    For how to invite a member,refer to "Add people to your group" .

    Note: Turn on the "Allow members outside your organization" in the permission section of the Group settings.(If you have already performed this, you can skip this step.)

  2. An invitation email is sent to the member.

    By performing "2: Procedure for members" shown below, the user joins the group.

2: Procedure for members

  1. A member receives the invitation email.
    Click "Accept this invitation" (a button or link).

  2. The member has joined the group.

  3. The member is added to the group.
    The member is now able to post messages to the group, and confirm which groups they have joined.

Last-Modified: June 28, 2024

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