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keiomobile2/eduroam password authentication method

iOS (iPad, iPhone)

  1. Click [Settings].

  2. Click [Wi-Fi]-[Other...].

  3. When [Enter network information] is displayed, enter [Name] and select [Security].
    To connect to keiomobile2, enter [Name] - “keiomobile2”, and select [Security] - “WPA2 Enterprise ”.
    To connect to eduroam, enter [Name] - “eduroam”, and select [Security] - “WPA2 Enterprise”.
    ※ Afterwards, as an example, advance to setting on screen for keiomobile2.

  4. Enter [User name] and [Password] and finally, tap [Join].
    In the Keio.jp (Keio ID) case, enter “Wi-Fi user name” and “Wi-Fi password ”.
    In the ITC account case, enter “Your ITC account@user.keio.ac.jp” and “Wi-Fi connection password at ITC account”.

  5. Network certificate is issued, and then click [Trust].
    ※ It takes several seconds until the Certificate is registered. During this period, tapping [Trust] several times causes an error.

Last-Modified: November 22, 2021

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