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keiomobile2/eduroam password authentication method

mac OS 10.8 or later version

  1. Click the [Wi-Fi] icon on the menu bar. If wi-fi is turned off, click [Turn Wi-Fi On].

  2. To connect to keiomobile2, click [keiomobile2].
    To connect to eduroam, click [eduroam].
    Afterwards, as an example, advance to setting on screen for keiomobile2.

  3. You will be asked for qualification information, so as mode, select [Automatic], and enter [User name] and [Password], then click [Connect].
    In the Keio.jp (Keio ID) case, enter "Wi-Fi user name" and "Wi-Fi password".
    In the ITC account case, enter "Your ITC account@user.keio.ac.jp" and "Wi-Fi connection password at ITC account" .

  4. Click [Continue] on [Verify Certificate] window.

  5. Enter an administrator password of your Mac in the message window as below.
    Click [Update Settings].

  6. keiomobile2 connection is established, you can check current connections with the [Wi-Fi] icon on the menu bar.

    Network connection priority can be set up opening [System Preferences]-[Network]-[Wi-Fi] and then click [Advanced].
    On [Preferred Networks:] drag networks into the order you prefer.

Last-Modified: November 22, 2021

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