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Managing, adding, or deleting members

Managing members

The types of group members that can be set are shown below.

  • Members: Participants in the group.Cannot manage the group.
  • Managers: Can approve messages, invite new members, set a manager, and change group management settings.
  • Owner: The user who created the group.Carries out all group settings.The owner is also the only person who can delete a group.

Member type, posting restriction and prohibition settings can be made for group members.
For details refer to "Google Group: Roles of the Group".

Adding a member

Members can be added either through Invitation or Direct add members .

In the case of an invitation, if a member who uses Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) for general use is invited, an error may occur, so adding a member by the direct addition method is recommended.
But in the case of direct addition, be careful not to make a mistake entering the email address.

  • Direct add members: You can directly add a member. However, if an address other than a Keio ID (@keio.jp) is registered, an email about the group addition is sent to members. (It is not possible to stop this message from arriving at the moment.)
  • Invitation: A message inviting members to participate in the group is sent, and members are added by accepting this invitation.

Refer to the following for details on each method.

Deleting a member

Owners and managers can delete members from the group.
Refer to "How to withdraw membership".

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