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FAQ (Class Support, For Faculty Members)

Below are frequently asked questions and answers for faculty members.
Please search for the answer to your question.

  1. Using the "Class Support" and Applying for a Local Account Q&A
  2. Notices Q&A
  3. Study Materials Q&A
  4. Reports Q&A
  5. Class Bulletin Board Q&A
  6. Questionnaire Q&A
  7. Settings for Co-Teachers and Class Assistants Q&A
  8. Message Q&A
  9. Community Q&A
  10. Question and Test Q&A
  11. Portfoilo Q&A
  12. Email Notification Q&A
  13. Group Settings Q&A
  14. Common Settings Q&A
  15. Other Q&A

A. Using the "Class Support" and Applying for a Local Account Q&A

  1. How do I apply for a local account?
  2. Can I allow student that has not registered for the class to use this system?

B. Notices Q&A

  1. How is the registered contents in Notice page informed to students?
  2. I have messages for specific students, can I inform them?
  3. When I clicked on the Register button after registered contents for the notice, Message "Entered content is defective. * Enter 2,000 bytes or less of class material" is displayed.

C. Study Materials Q&A

  1. Is the uploading study material limited capacity?
  2. Is there a problem uploading the file that contain the other persons of contents?
  3. Is there way for uploading multiple files at one time?
  4. Is there a method of distributing study materials only to specified students regardless of the class?

D. Reports Q&A


  1. I submited the report by mistake, How do I cancel the report?


  1. I was asked by student about report. Report is not submitted, therefore I explained that status. But student is asserting that student have already submitted.
  2. Can I download the student submitted report without changing file name?


  1. The button for related the return is not active, I can not configure it.
  2. Is there function for returning all reports at once?
  3. I submitted the report, why is the file name being red color in [Reports to Submit] column?
  4. I am person in charge for scoring reports in collaboration, but I can not refer and score reports.
  5. Can I cancel the configuration of return.

E. Class Message Board Q&A

Not available at this time.

F. Questionnaire Q&A

  1. Is it right way to contain the next year in display of questionnaire period?
  2. Can I reuse a questionnaire?
  3. What is the difference between mini test and test?

G. Settings for Co-Teachers and Class Assistants Q&A

  1. I can't perform certain actions for a class to which I am assigned as a co-teacher.

H. Message Q&A

  1. Including students who does not take lecture, can I send message to students who are typed or imported from CSV file?

I. Community Q&A

  1. Where is the menu to manage community members and make community?
  2. I can't secede from community.

J. Question and Test Q&A

  1. Can I change question that I made the test?

K. Portfolio Q&A

Not available at this time.

L. Email Notification Q&A

  1. Can I send the email notice to students?
  2. What email address does each email notices send to?

M. Group Settings Q&A

Not available at this time.

N. Common Settings Q&A

Not available at this time.

O. Other Q&A

  1. What is the [Manage Student Attendance] feature?
  2. Can I delete reference room data en bloc?

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