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keiomobile2 password authentication method

Android 10

This manual is based on Android 10 (moto g8). Some details may differ depending on version, devices and environment.

  1. Click [Settings].

  2. Click [Network & internet] - [Wi-Fi].
    Turn Wi-Fi on if it is [Wi-Fi OFF].

  3. Select [keiomobile2] or [eduroam].

  4. To connect to keiomobile2, after connecting to [keiomobile2], enter the following setting.
    To connect to eduroam, after connecting to [eduroam], enter the following setting.
    EAP method: PEAP
    Phase2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    CA certificate: Security Communication RootCA2
    ※If CA certificate cannot be selected, see Download Root Certificate

  5. Enter [ID] and [Password] and finally, tap [Connect].
    In the keio.jp (Keio ID) case, enter “Wi-Fi user name” and “Wi-Fi password”.
    In the ITC account case, enter “Your ITC account@user.keio.ac.jp” and “Wi-Fi connection password at ITC account”.
    ※If you are asked to enter the domain, please enter as follows
    in the keio.jp(Keio ID) case wrcore2.itc.keio.ac.jp
    in the ITC account case wifi-entry.user.keio.ac.jp

  6. This completes the Wi-Fi connection process. If you have successfully connected, no further work is required.

Download Root Certificate

  1. Start up the web browser and go to https://wifi-entry.user.keio.ac.jp/index.html.en
    “Generate Wi-Fi password for keiomobile2” page shows up, then click the link “Seccurity Communication RootCA2” to download the certificate.

  2. In [Name the certificate] window, enter "Security Communication RootCA2" for [Certificate name:] and "Wi-Fi" for [Credential use:].
    Click [OK].

Last-Modified: July 28, 2023

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