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Workshop on Scientific Matlab Computing 2011


This workshop is open to all faculty members, students, and staff at Keio University with an interest in Matlab computing useful to scientific technology problems. The program will present a number of brief topics by recognized experts in scientific computing on engineering. To keep this workshop active, each session will introduce one or three brief presentations, followed by time for questions, comments and discussion with the audience. We hope everyone will come away with a new idea or connection to follow up on. Feel free to attend any or all of the three sessions that fit your schedule. No registration is required.


日時 : 2011年10月19日(水) 10:55-17:05
場所 : 矢上キャンパス 14棟(創想館)B2階 マルチメディアルーム、14棟203教室
主催 : 慶應義塾大学理工学部
問い合わせ : 慶應義塾理工学インフォメーションテクノロジセンター
   cc-staff@educ.cc.keio.ac.jp TEL (045)566-1480



10:55-11:00; Welcome and Introduction (Sosokan:14-B2 MMR)
11:00-12:00; Session 1: Invited Talk (Sosokan:14-B2 MMR)

12:00-13:30; welcome lunch (Sosokan:14-710 Forum)
13:30-15:00; Session 2: Challenges of Scientific Computation (Sosokan:14-203)

15:00-15:30; Coffee break
15:30-17:00; Session 3: Challenges of Scientific Application (Sosokan:14-203)

17:00-17:05 Closing Remarks

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